Calming Sofa Protector Dog Bed

Calming Sofa Protector Dog Bed - The Calming Dog Bed

Calming Sofa Protector Dog Bed

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Calming Sofa Protector Dog Bed


Keep your dog happy and your furniture even happier. This new design combines the calming & anti-anxiety effects of our furry dog bed with a non-slip & water resistant base. Our calming sofa protector dog bed works wonders to protect your sofa, bed or even your car from any scratching or accidents your dog might have, all while providing them a safe space to relax right by your side.

So get your new fuzzy bed on the sofa, get Netflix rolling and treats all round!

Why your dogs need this now!

✅Non slip & water resistant base - 
No more worrying about your favourite furniture! Wish you could snuggle up next to your best friend without stressing over their hair, scratching or any accidents? Worry no more :)

✅Optional removable base for easy washing - For a sofa dog bed that is easier to wash and maintain, choose from our detachable range which includes a zipper between the bed & base. This comfy sofa bed is easy to wash, in the washing machine and the dryer (gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat)

Designed to relieve anxiety - These sofa dog beds use light, fluffy materials which intend to calm down and relax your dogs. The enclosed raised rim creates a sense of security for dogs to calm down faster and relax.

Extra Comfort - Dogs love to curl up. The raised rim provides head a neck support while the soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief

✅Fluffy Cosy Design - Our fluffy cosy sofa bed would look great in any home


Internal Diameter

External Diameter

84X84(cm) 105X95X15(cm)
100X85(cm) 115X95X15(cm)


These are estimates only, please avoid choosing your sofa bed based purely on weight! You should measure your pooch while he or she is curled up to be able to get an indication of which size is perfect for your dog.


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    My Doggo legit loved this dogbed! I have been trying to find the fuzzy ones since ages in my city but there are very expensive and lack color variety. This is the perfect place!

    Jana Mawassi

    Just recieved the Dog food measuring bowl and loving it! So easy to measure meals for both my cat and dog. Very versatile and easy to clear!

    John Luke

    Highly recommend the Dog Gate. really helpful for keeping little munchkins out of danger areas. 

    Mia Presti
    Our Guarantee

    You Can Return Your Dog Bed Within 14 days of Purchase.